About Us & the Shop

Art Models @ Bigcartel is a platform to sell the instant images between the collaborative effort of photographer Brooke LaBrie and the wonderful art models that graciously step in front of her lens. 

Several different types of instant films are used including authentic polaroids (which were discontinued years ago), "fujiroids" (fujifilm's peel-apart pack film - all versions of those have also been discontinued), instax (fujifilm's integral film), and soon will start to shoot with Impossible Project Film.

Profits are split between model and photographer, encouraging and supporting the collaborative nature of freelance model photography.

For inquires and quotes regarding purchasing whole sets please email me at brookelabrie@gmail.com

To see more of the photography that results from these sessions, you can find the work at brookelabrie.com & brookelabrie.tumblr.com

To learn more about instant films, take a gander at this website.